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Aji Sugar Rush Peach - My first sprout and new little buddy

Thursday 11/07/2019 - It only took 5 days to get my first pepper to sprout. I had read that many of the more unique varieties I had planted would take up to 6 weeks to sprout. Fortunately this little guy wanted to come early and keep me motivated. My stepfather, Gary, had double knee replacement surgery on Tuesday afternoon this week as well. At this point I'm scheming how I can be down to the ranch about 50 miles away to help over the weekend and also keep from neglecting the little peppers.

Friday 11/08/2019 - Hot Mama has an appointment on Saturday morning so she will keep the kiddos at home while I travel to the ranch tonight. The good news is that even though I will miss the hot mamma and our kiddos, I will have some help to check on the pepper babies and make sure my soil is damp and happy for the unhatched seedlings :) ... Well I can't travel without any family members ... I'm going to bring my first seedling as my travel pepper pal. I heard travelling with newly sprouted peppers in South Dakota November weather is a good idea. So out of the sprouting tray (not sure if that's even what it's called) and into a bigger pot he goes.

(I will get better at getting pictures)

Saturday 11/08/2019 - 7 days after planting seeds - Today was a big day. Before the daylight was complete I had coffee made, pepper buddy situated, and had the old man down stairs to get ready for his first Saturday with bionic knees.

We had decided on Friday night (against my mother's better judgement) that we would get the pickup truck sanitized and cleaned so Gary could come wave the baton as we moved the newly weaned heifer calves out to pasture. I made him stairs to get into the pickup out of a trailer jack block on top of a half pallet on top of a full pallet. Worked like a charm other than the top jack block was a little wobbly ... we will have to find a better option for this as we go. Justin, the hired ranch hand, helped vacuum clean the pickup and sprayed it with nolvasan to sanitize the area. I draped sheets, blankets, and towels to cover the floorboard, dash, and seat further protecting him from the manure coated ranch truck. The cattle moving aspect was quicker and easier than getting the truck ready for the tough cowboy who can't sit around even just after major surgery. Great working crew with the family and hired help.

Loaded up

Out the gate and around the corner... easy sailing from here.

Best part of the day was that Bailey, the hot mamma herself, and my 3 cute kiddos made it down to help me finish preparing and consuming a few tasty pork tenderloin roasts along with the family on the ranch.

Sunday 11/10/2019 - I will break today into two separate posts with the next one focused on the peppers as a whole. Since this post was focused on the journey to the ranch with my little pepper pal I wanted to give an update to round out the trip. This little pepper buddy handled the transplant well. It handled the trip to the ranch well. The grow light plugged into a heat lamp worked pretty well in a south facing window to keep him (These things are he/she's so I will pick my pronouns as I choose don't judge). What did no work well was when a cold front moved in with freezing rain followed by snow. We had to leave the ranch before I had intended to beat the storm a little bit and the pepper buddy got cold while the truck warmed up and he folded over on himself in half. I figured for sure he was dead, but within 5 minutes of being back in my house he was up standing tall and proud like he took a little blue pill.

I brought my little pal back to the sketchy grow room and was pleasantly surprised by a mass of friends that have sprouted to join him.

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