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November to February

Hello all... So things got busy at work and at home this winter and Holliday season. One busy thing from home was that my ~200 peppers that easily fit in my little trays as seedlings way outgrew my space and ability to care for them. I went through a couple of phases to reduce plants and up size the grow area.

1st - I got lucky with my mom taking about 15 plants under her wing in her green room. Last I checked the cat was still playing nice.

2nd - I gave a bunch to local Rapid City home growers. I hope any of you reading this are enjoying growing your peppers.

3rd - I moved from the storage room to the excercise room (was being used for storage) with the plants.

4th - Plants were tipping over in their cans and cups so I up potted to new containers (as many buckets as I could get from local bakeries and some clearenced items at Menard's)

I have put a few plants in a simple hydroponic grow setup called the kratky method and I really like the low maintenance and high growth rate of this method.

I now have pepper pods on: biquinho, sugar rush peach, brown jalapeño, and khang Starr lemon Starburst. Lots of other plants flowering and pods to come soon.

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