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Pepper Pals Are Sprouting!

Sunday 11/10/2019 - 8 days after planting - We had to get home early today from the ranch to beat the storm. Saturday was a nice warm day but to be South Dakota that couldn't last. The temperature plummeted during the day today and it got cold in a hurry. The misty not quite rain in the morning turned to snow in the afternoon wreaking havoc on travel conditions. We got out before it was too bad to get back home. While I felt pretty bad leaving my support duties to my folks earlier than planned, I was pretty happy to see the sprouting mayhem back in my sketchy grow room.

The posted picture is the most prolific of the 4 trays, but all 4 trays have sprouts. It looks like the seeds I pulled directly from the peppers are sprouting a little bit more vigorously than the purchased seeds. This makes sense as the purchased seeds would have been dried to prevent spoiling while the others were harvested and planted the same day. A list of what plants have sprouted and what varieties I am still waiting on is below.

6 x Aji Citro

9 x Khang Star Lemon Starburst

4 x Gator Jigsaw

14 x Aji Sugar Rush Peach

7 x Biquinho

4 x Bainstrain Peach

3 x Habenero Paper Lantern

4 x Brown Jalepeno

1 x Aji Charapita

Still to be Sprouted Strains

Rimerus Fun Strain

Peach Ghost

Congo Brown

Chocolate Trinidad Moruga Scorpion

Bhut x Neyde

BBG White


(Sidenote: I do have seeds for most of the above strains still and a few others I chose to hold off on. If you want some seeds let me know.)

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