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Silly Peppers, Leaves are for light.

I did update the sprout count update now. I'm up to 77% sprouted overall and every variety has at least one plant sprouted. If you want to check it out tune in to:

I don't want to say the sprouting thing is behind me, but even the hardcore pepper nerds who soak their seeds in chamomile tea only get 90 - 95% sprouted. I think if I get over 85% this year that is pretty damn good for this pepper nerd's first sprout. So, that means I need to start thinking on how to keep my currently live pepper plants alive. I have been debating on how to grow the plants as I will have quite a few, last count was 176. I need to keep these peppers keep healthy in my house, in South Dakota, over the winter, until late May when it "probably" won't freeze and snow again.

I bit off a pretty hefty bite of pepper here. I plan on picking up lights and increasing pot sizes as slowly as possible with some aggressive trimming to get the bush rather than tree version of peppers. I will get a few peppers going in my hot mama's Aero Garden, and may try a few hydroponic peppers following the "Kratky" method. I will keep updates on these progressions as the weeks/months come and go.

In the mean time, I need to figure out how to deal with these damn Aji Cito peppers that haven't ditched their seeds.I know the Primotalii stakes are in the back, but these are the Aji Cito's that are my problem children. They are growing taller than they should be trying to get to the light as the leaves are not opened up getting a proper amount of light yet. I have seen mention of folks pulling the seeds off with tweezers, but most information I have seen recommends to leave it alone. If I don't see some seeds off in a day or two I will probably try to do a side by side and pull a couple seeds off and compare to the seed on to see what worked better.

And to end on a good note. Some of my peppers are now getting their second sets of leaves which has me absolutely jacked up. I'm excited to see how these little fellas all pan out.

Brown Jalapeno

Banestrain Peach

Aji Sugar Rush Peach (blurry --- if only i was a better photographer)

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