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Waking up the slouch.

Monday 11/11/2019 - 9 Days Post Planting - It is getting to the point now where I am balancing maintaining what I "think" is the right conditions for sprouting seeds with what I think are the right conditions for keeping healthy young plants. (Remember my thumb is as green as red paint) ...

My example of this was today coming home from work to find a couple brown jalapenos slouched down. I decided to pull the humidity dome off (I am pretty sure that term is correct) and will probably leave off during the day (while the lights are providing extra heat) and put on at night to help the heating mats provide the warmer temps that are needed for germination. After just an hour of the dome off the jalepeno is already trying to stand tall again.

With the help of my toe head pepper team I was able to also get a current sprout count. It looks like just about everything is starting to sprout. Again this is impressive and I need to give a shout to Jimmy Pickles Pepper Seeds ( for a big batch of the seeds below. Also a big thank you to Matthew Hawkins for sending me a small flat rate box of peppers and some bonus seeds to help Bailey and I light some mouth fires along with bringing some very fertile seeds along with them.

Current sprout count - 44.49% Sprouted

Now I am wondering how my light count is looking as well as if I should consider some sort of reflective paint or wallpaper for the room to increase the brightness on the almost half sprouted peppers. ... We shall see what is next in the quest to grow peppers.

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