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Will they grow?

Saturday November 2nd (postdated)

The hot sauce game has been a fun one. I think every year my recipes are getting closer and closer to dialed in to the level that the hot mamma brand and customers deserve. If you haven't tried one of the sauces yet I recommend you give it a whirl. Now that the growing season has ended the availability for fresh peppers to inspire new sauces is at an unfortunate end. So, what do I do? Take a break until next year ...

Nah, instead I rigged up my basement to look like I'm growing illegal plants and tried my hand at indoor gardening. If you have no experience growing peppers you should start by planting nearly 200 seeds in your sketchy basement "grow room" right? Well why not.

I have planted the following pepper varieties and will update with posts on progress:

Mild Heat


Brown Jalepeno

Medium Heat

Aji Cito

Aji Sugar Rush Peach

Aji Charapita

High Heat

Congo Brown

Peach Ghost

Habenero Paper Lantern

Khang Star Lemon Starburst

Super Hot

Gator Jigsaw

Bainstrain Peach

Chocholate Scorpion


BBG White

Bhut x Nyde

??? Rimerus Fun Strain

After reviewing this list it looks like I got a little excited on the super hot varieties. Rest assured that I will continue my sauce focus on flavor over heat. Now that everything is planted I am reading that the Aji strains that I have planted are a good plant to look to for a flavor profile. Yes pepper planting is a beer ... and whiskey ... drinking activity ;)

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